About us

    Crafts "Plazmatehnika" was founded by a mechanical engineer Vladimir Medica in 1988. and it's main production was cutting special materials, like stainless steel with plasma.
    With the beginningof 2011. some changes occured. Crafts's founder Vladimir Medica retired, but he still remains actively involved with the new company Plazma tehnika d.o.o. that his son, mechanical engineer David Medica took over.

    Today Plazmatehnika d.o.o. produces steel & AISI ship equipment. We have 18 employees, three of them are mechanical engineer or naval architects. All of our welders and welding procedures are certified. Plazma tehnika d.o.o. because of its continuous quality has earned quality certificates for production and installation of metal marine equipment for the shipbuilding industry (Det Norske Veritas) and for manufacture of longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes, manufacture of various types of ship constructions and welding of casings, non-structural tanks and other.
    All of our mentioned virtues are recognized and accepted by our leading partners - domestic
(Uljanik Shipyard, Shipbuilding industry 3. maj, Brodotrogir Shipyard, Brodosplit Shipyard, Končar - Generators and engines, ...) and foreign (Fincantieri Shipyards, Rosetti Marino Shipyard, Tebma Shipyards India, ...)

Organization structure